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Welcome to the fantastical world of JBFX Limited, with imagination beyond your wildest dreams, the creator and staff are here to make your dreams a reality. JBFX Limited was originally spawned from the mind of the master, Dean Johnstone, his ambition to create a signwriting company that would go beyond the realms of conventional signwriting and special effects and take it all to another dimension. True to form over the past 17 years Dean has single mindedly set out to venture into that other dimension. JBFX Limited is a member of the NZ Sign Association and has a plethora of awards in gold, silver & bronze to back up the boldness of the master. Dean has a qualified Airbrush Artist Degree with New Zealand Custom Painting, 1987. He is a fully qualified signwriter with diplomas in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Vinyl Master & more. He is backed by two fully qualified Signwriters of the highest order.